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You are welcomed to a website of the Lithuanian Rural Network!

As Lithuania isn‘t a big country (area 65300 km2, population 2,8 mln.) – we have got one Rural Development Programme (RDP) and one National Rural Network (NRN) as well.

Our NRN has a formal membership and consists of 236 members (as of April 2021). Only public legal bodies can become members of our NRN.

Activities of our NRN are managed by the NRN Support Unit (NSU). Functions of the NSU are being implemented by 2-3 persons who work at the Ministry of Agriculture (Managing Authority (MA)). In that way, there is almost no hierarchy or gap between MA and NSU because these functions are being done by the same persons.

There are several main activities which are implemented in the Lithuanian NRN:

  • NEWS. Members of our NRN are constantly being informed about the news of rural development policy and other relevant thematic issues. It is mainly done through our website (in Lithuanian language) and monthly newsletters. You are encouraged to watch our newsletters because they are easily translatable into any language.
  • EVENTS. Usually Lithuanian NRN organise nearly 100 events per year for all types of rural policy stakeholders to ensure their inclusion into policy development process.
  • PUBLICATIONS. We have published 4 books already. One of them is in English about good RDP examples.

It is very important to emphasize that in Lithuanian NRN we have mixed model of activities implementation. Part of activities are being implemented by the NSU and part of them by the NRN members. Since 2019 NRN members have possibilities to implement their own communication projects in two categories: 

  1. Events (rules can be found here):
    1. Thematic events (conferences, seminars, round table discussions)
    2. Open farm events
    3. Competitions of good RDP examples
    4. Participation in exhibitions
  2. Electronic measures (rules can be found here):
    1. Webinars
    2. Professional communication in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, interactive maps)
    3. Virtual 3D tours of good RDP examples
    4. Audiovisual production (creative videos, interviews, thematic shows, virtual reality (VR) material)

Please contact us if you have any queries!